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Trekking And Hiking Mount Merapi

Just finished this entry that I started drafting in Gregorian calendar month.. haha.

So I started the year on a high.

Travelled to Yogyakarta and hiked a volcano. a vigorous one!

Honestly, i used to be nervous cos as you would possibly understand, Mount Bromo has been erupting since late last year. And Mount Merapi has Associate in Nursing eruption cycle of concerning 5-10 years. It last erupted in 2010 which implies it may erupt any time currently...

Of course you'll climb the mountain on your own, however I took the simple choice. I reserved Associate in Nursing wide tour at my hostel at some point before the hike. At Rp 450,000 which incorporates come transport, guide, fee, snacks, and insurance; it absolutely was a fairly sensible provide.

It was the primary day of 2016. That morning, I went looking at to many places round the town. when a late lunch, I went back to the hostel to induce some rest and sleep cos we're rising when hour to catch the sunrise.

At concerning ten.45pm, i used to be picked up by the tour operator at the hostel with many different climbers, and that we drove more or less a pair of hours to Selo.

I Sat at the front seat of the van, and as we tend to created our thanks to the hill of the mountain, i attempted to search out the summit - volcanic rock flowing down from prime of the mountain or some fireplace somewhere. You know.. it is a volcano! however after all there have been none, all I may see was darkness and a few lights from the villages.

It was quite an large cluster that night, concerning fifteen climbers altogether with four guides. we tend to were gathered at one amongst the native homestays, wherever we tend to had light-weight supper and ready ourselves before the climb. every people were provided with headlights and a bottle of water.

At around 1am, we tend to started walking to New Selo, the gate to the summit of Mount Merapi. the important path hasn't started nevertheless however i used to be sweating already cos the made-up road was therefore steep!

Once you found the large Hollywood vogue sign of latest Selo, the journey begins.

Climbing Mount Merapi is certainly difficult. The path could be a killer from the beginning cos the angle of the slope isn't but forty five degrees. I had a tough time rising because of my poor stamina. Yeah yeah.. I had zero coaching before returning here.

During one amongst the stops, I told my cluster to travel ahead and i would catch them at successive stop. therefore off they went with the guide. Hmm.. the guide was therefore totally different from the guides at Mount Kinabalu. My guide then would invariably be the sweeper, with patience rising with the last person within the cluster.

So I climbed slowly following my very own pace. there have been different teams behind American state therefore I wasn't troubled. after I wasn't positive of the right path to follow, i ended and waited for the cluster behind American state.

Since i used to be rather slow, I caught the primary light-weight here instead at the summit.

Still beautiful though.

View of Mount Merbabu, a neighbouring dormant volcano.

route to the summit

climbers camping on the path

The lunar landscape, this is the area most affected by the last eruption.

view of the last part of the climb to the summit of Mount Merapi

While the climb up through the forest path is troublesome, it's nothing compared to the ultimate push to the crater peak. it is a 200m elevation up a slope of loose volcanic rocks and ash.

My feet penetrated deep into the mud and that i unbroken slippy back with each steps I took. you're taking three progress and you slip down two steps backward. Felt like you are still at constant spot, hardly creating any progress up the summit. Gahhh!!

Thank God I brought a try of gloves with American state therefore it created the climb easier. i used to be much down sort of a goat walking on all four hahaha. Ohio i used to be reunited with my cluster here. They were on their means down already. one among the guide asked American state to travel down with them cos it had been dangerous on behalf of me to travel abreast of my very own. however another guide simply same to American state, "Go on.. simply a trifle bit a lot of."

I did not climb this way for nothing, did I?

Luckily there have been several different climbers therefore I simply followed their footsteps.

After half dozen hours of mounting with various stops, my perseverance finally brought American state to the highest.

The views were Masya Supreme Being therefore stunning. therefore therefore therefore worthwhile.

The bottom of the crater is covered with ash, no lava visible

Though I was excited reaching the top, honestly I also felt a bit disappointed cos I had a slight hope to see lava inside the crater. Baru la Lord of the Ring. But come to think of it, if there was lava, for sure we weren't allowed to come near to the volcano.

with some local climbers

Done enjoying the read and taking unnumberable of selfies, I started my descend.

The method down was trickier than the far. The volcanic rocks softened away as shortly as I stepped on them. I unreal slippery down on sand dunes, minus the board hehe. slightly dangerous however it helped Maine to travel down quicker. What took Maine over 0.5 associate degree hour to climb just was simply a couple of minutes journey to the tableland. 

On the method down from Pasar Bubrah, my guide came to appear on behalf of me and that i was reunited with the cluster once more. It then took United States of America concerning a pair of hours to achieve back the homestay in Selo.

We were treated to tea and pancakes before being transported back to Jogja.

Climbing a volcano was ne'er in my bucketlist, however i used to be thus proud I did it!

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